Finance - Halyard Motors Pty Ltd


Halyard Motors can help you obtain the finance you need for your next vehicle purchase.

At Halyard Motors we understand that the finance for your next car is as important as the purchase itself. That's why we have teamed up with the experts at Ezilend to assist you in obtaining the best and most suitable finance package for your circumstances.

You can apply online, phone or vist Ezilend to get an approval before you even decide on the car.

Ezilend offer loans to suit all circumstances:

  • Dealer sales
  • Great interest rates
  • Business use Loans
  • Lo Doc or no financials required
  • No deposit
  • Past credit problems are ok including past bankruptcy
  • New arrivals are ok ( subject to visa)
  • Pensions ok subject to credit laws
  • Easy approvals

Get on line, phone or visit and Ezilend will do the rest.

Ezi Lend Finance

No Deposit needed, you can get 100% finance

More negotiation power with our obligation free pre-approval

Same day approvals

Lowest rates from multiple lenders

Friendly expert advice

Flexible loan repayment options